Course Registration

Course Registration

Registrations are done online through the course schedule page

Registration Information

  • Registration opens at 6 am on the day indicated on the calendar.
  • Due to the high number of requests. you may only register for one course at a time.
  • For new students registering at the permanent center Dhamma Mahi: on the opening day of the course, you have until midnight to register. A lottery will then be drawn, and you will receive a response within 7 days.
  • For old students: the minimum time between two courses is 4 months (this does not apply to service and 3-day courses).
  • Check junk mail (SPAM) to avoid missing our correspondence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the course start and end?Back to top

All ten-day and Satipatthana courses begin in the evening of the first day and end early in the morning of the last day. The three-day courses begin in the evening of the first day and end in the late afternoon of the last day.

What type of food is served?Back to top

We provide simple vegetarian meals which are sufficiently nutritional and balanced: your dietary needs should be covered by our menus.
We ask students not to bring any food to the Centre.
Rice will be substituted for meals containing gluten; plant-based milk is available to everyone daily.

If you follow a specific diet for medical reasons (allergies or intolerances) please mention it on the application form. Fasting is not allowed.

What should I bring?Back to top

If you are accepted for a course, an email will be sent to you with a list of items to bring.